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Treatment of diabetes mellitus type II with Alpha PSP

Published by Wellness Asia in Diabetes mellitus type 2 · 5/10/2013 11:10:09
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As a condition that is rapidly becoming a cause for concern in the modern world, diabetes mellitus type II—also known as type 2 diabetes—can often be prevented with better nutrition. Type II diabetes arises when the body is producing insulin, but does not respond well to its presence. In a healthy individual, insulin moves glucose into the body’s cells ready for energy production. In an individual with type II diabetes, hyperglycaemia and insulinemia arise. This is due to inadequate glucose production and an overproduction of insulin to compensate.

Alpha PSP helps to facilitate the active transport of glucose into the body’s cells, preventing hyperglycaemia. By reducing the amount of time your blood glucose levels are elevated, you can prevent several complications of metabolic disorders. This includes:

  • Atherosclerosis: Your arteries can ‘fur’ or ‘harden’ when blood glucose levels are elevated. This in turn can contribute to hypertension and the risk of blood clots and heart attacks.

  • Peripheral nerve damage: Diabetes patients often suffer from a condition known as ‘diabetic foot’ which arises as a result of nerve damage. When the nerves are damaged by hyperglycaemia, patients may not feel painful sensations in their feet. This increases the risk of sores and necrosis.

  • Retinopathy: With the increased blood pressure associated with diabetes, patients may experience diabetic retinopathy. This can eventually lead to blindness, when not addressed appropriately.

Using this medical food, it is also possible to support DNA repair processes. As many patients are diagnosed with diabetes when the disease has progressed, aiding the cellular repair processes that can alleviate atherosclerosis can enhance your quality of life. Like many natural health products, Alpha PSP can work with your body at a cellular level to ensure you eliminate free radicals that increase the risk of cancer. While typical diabetes treatments like Metformin are essential, supporting your body in removing the constituent elements that can disrupt your natural balance is also vital. Taking a nutritional supplement achieves this, allowing you to strike the balance between medical treatments and a holistic approach.

As well as taking a health supplement, you should always remember to pay regard to the negative lifestyle factors that can exacerbate type II diabetes. Smoking, eating high volumes of trans fats and processed foods, and not getting enough sleep are counter-productive actions. Taking a conscious approach to your health today can improve your physical and mental wellbeing, allowing you to manage and prevent type II diabetes for a more positive way of life.

Watch an excellent educational video of diabetes type 2 by Nucleus Medical Media here:

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